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In today's working environment, stress is a huge contributor to the ever increasing levels of sickness in the workplace. Small and Medium Size Businesses are under the same duty of care as larger resourced organisations to offer support and counselling when needed for their staff. However, SME's rarely have the resources to provide the necessary support in-house.

Homeopathy is not only very effective in treating long term chronic complaints, but it is also an effective treatment for acute complaints, such as flu and colds. However the main benefit of homeopathy is that through regular treatment the general health and vitality of a person is considerably strengthened, therefore reducing the likelihood of the person falling ill in the first place.

A significant part of the consultation includes a degree of counselling when needed. This exploration into 'why' the person is ill in the first place is a significant step towards coping and dealing with challenges, both at work and in the patient's personal life. As part of a consultation, issues around lifestyle and nutrition are also discussed, which are equally essential for good heath and well-being.

Company Scheme Options

There are three Company Scheme Options. In the first two options, the policy covers 50% of all consultation fees throughout the year, either on-site or at any of my clinics (refer Contact Details). The third option works on the basis that a suitable space is provided for the clinic to take place within the company's workplace. Any of these three basic models can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of your organisation, as required.

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