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The "VEGA" Test Method

This is one of the systems capable of use within the field of Bio-electronic Regulatory Medicine (BER Medicine). It originated from electro-acupuncture according to Voll (EAV), which is based on measuring evoked electrical conductivity by the application of an electrode which passes 0.87 volts in a positive polarity, direct current, into specific acupuncture points. The VEGA-test requires the patient to hold a hand-held electrode. Instead of using specific acupuncture points, one point at the end of a finger or toe is used and an ampoule derived from an organ in the body is used as the main diagnostic indicator. In EAV the so-called indicator drop is the cardinal electrical abnormality, in the VEGA-test the disorder control is the indicator of dysfunction.

Key Benefits - Eradicating Toxic Load

Holistic practitioners perceive illness as developing from over exposure to toxic load, which can be physical, chemical and/or emotional.

bulletPhysical toxic load may result from injury, from excessive fatigue, from harmful electro-magnetic fields (caused by radio waves, computers and high voltage power cables, Ley lines) and from electric currents associated with toxic dental amalgam fillings.
bulletChemical toxic load may result from intolerance to certain foods and food additives, diesel, petrol and gas fumes, pollens, mercury from toxic dental amalgam, pesticides, detergents, fabric conditioners and other pollutants.
bulletEmotional toxic load may be caused by poor relationships, anger and worry.

Homeopathy is an effective treatment for many of these loads on our body, in particular the emotional stresses we find ourselves experiencing. With regard to the physical and chemical toxic loads, having an awareness of our exposure and subsequent sensitivity to them is a large part of the cure, as in many cases we can make the necessary lifestyle changes to address them.




The Vega test device is capable of checking the energies of all parts of the body which reflect their health or disease. It is also possible to check both food and environmental intolerances.

Many health problems can be helped through VEGA Testing

These include allergies, chronic catarrh, asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety, depression, headaches, joint pain, dyspepsia, irritable bowel syndrome, eczema and psoriasis. Often one of the underlying causes can be identified as sensitivity to an everyday substance such as wheat, milk, yeast, pork, tea, fumes, detergent or house-dust mite. Bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic infections, geopathic stress (e.g. Ley lines), subtle predispositions (miasms), and mercury poisoning with associated electric currents caused by dental 'silver' amalgam fillings can also be diagnosed and treated under Vegatest control.

VEGA Testing for health screening

Bio-energy medicine can give insight into the nature of virtually every disease problem. It can detect potential medical problems earlier than conventional health screening, and may prove to be of clinical value in disease prevention. For example, an individuals most stressed organ (e.g. pancreas, lung, prostate) can be identified and supported, while environmental stressors can be identified and minimised.

Case Studies

Case Study 1

A child with eczema was found to be intolerant to cows milk. With a change of diet and a nutritional supplement selected under Vegatest control her eczema rapidly cleared up.

Case Study 2

A patient with long-standing irritable bowl syndrome was found to be intolerant to yeast and was advised to cut out bread and wine. He was also found to have a toxic mercury amalgam filled tooth associated with 250mV (0.25 volt) of electricity weakening his immune system and causing candida (fungal) overgrowth in his intestine. His symptoms largely cleared up within days following appropriate dental treatment, an appropriate change in diet, and medication for his candida selected under Vegatest control. At his second consultation he was treated for residual mercury toxicity and dysbiosis with homoeopathic detoxification and probiotics selected under Vegatest control. 'Dysbiosis' refers to unhealthy gut bacteria associated with leaky gut syndrome and food intolerance. 'Probiotics' refer to healthy gut bacteria, e.g. acidophilus.

Case Study 3

A patient with urticaria (persistent nettle rash), which had not been helped by antihistamines, was found to be intolerant to certain foods and drinks containing high levels of salicylates. He drank a lot of apple and blackcurrant juices, which contain salicylates. His rash cleared up with cutting out these drinks and with medication selected under Vegatest control.

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